Research & Development

A powerful R&D; network of more than 1,000 experts—the world’s largest building materials research centre.

We lead the evolution of building materials. Our innovative culture merges with our everyday work until they become one in the same.

The innovative construction solutions that we introduce to the market do not happen over night. There is a massive amount of research and development (and funding) that happens first at our Research Centre in Toronto, our “innovation hub”.

At home in Eastern Canada, we have our very own Technical Centre, located in the Toronto Port Lands, which handles our local development. Adaption to our specific market requirements, such as weather and local/accessible materials. We also boast lab facilities in Belleville and Montreal. Finally, our products are maintained at the highest quality by our local quality control teams.

New solutions and new services.

Beyond product innovation, we have developed global and local integrated solutions. These construction systems offer the whole package in terms of cost, durability, strength, insulation, appearance and ease of application.

Innovation also means new services. We are involved in the design phase of projects, working with architects and construction companies on solutions that have to meet an increasingly complex set of challenges, both technical and aesthetic. We also work with our product contractors closely to ensure proper application for the end-user and at the ever end of their life cycle, we recycle demolition products.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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