Go to new heights.

High-rise buildings are our skylines. They give our cities character. They are landmarks. And they are often multifunctional.

High-rise buildings are complex to design and can be tough to build. There is pressure to enhance aesthetics, to achieve energy efficiency goals, to build faster, higher and better.

Although in many cases hidden by their glass coverings, concrete is used throughout the structure of these cloud dwellers and makes up the majority of their mass. That means the concrete needs to provide the structural capabilities to bear the immense load that comes with vertical heights. All the while, the walls and columns must use space as efficiently as possible.

The building must also provide all-around energy efficiency: in the placement of concrete during the construction phase, right through to storing and distribution of the heating or cooling across the many floors. And it must stand up against the years of wear and tear that come with the severe wind when holding such high positions in the city.

Structural columns. Slabs. Beams. Facades. Foundations. Floor decks. We can provide the design spec assistance, systems, materials and expertise to make them all work better.

Our pavement solutions also supply concrete and aggregates for hardscaping, parking areas and access roads. We even have pervious pavement technologies for stormwater management.

Because better high-rise buildings build better cities.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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