What's your homebuilding challenge?

We believe every home – be it single family, semi-detached, townhouse or condo – should be built to last and constructed to work with their environment. Houses are life-long investments. They are safe places to raise a family and a comfortable haven from the Canadian climates.

​Good homes can withstand natural disasters. They offer reduced maintenance needs. They are comfortable, healthy and energy efficient. They provide a lower total cost of ownership and a low carbon footprint at the same time.

That collection of performance benefits doesn’t come just from concrete, cement and aggregates. It’s taking a systems approach at the design level. It’s selecting the right group of materials, combining them in just the right way to achieve the desired benefits.

Perhaps you’re building near a flood plain and need to have stronger, more resilient foundations. Or you’re in northern Quebec where winters are so cold, the thermal mass of the building envelope is priority number one. Or an affordable housing complex that demands a tight budget and reduced construction labour costs. Or perhaps you are building an estate with intricate decorative elements that spare no expense.

Whatever your homebuilding challenge, we’re here to help. With a suite of products and Efficient Building Systems, design spec guidance and constructability know-how, we can work together to make your project better.

Our pavement solutions also supply concrete and aggregates for hardscaping, parking areas and access roads. We even have pervious pavement technologies for stormwater management.

Because better homes build better communities.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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