Build it to last.

The oil and gas industry needs its infrastructure to be tough and durable. Pipe lines, pumping stations and storage locations simply cannot fail.

They cost a lot to build and they’re always under scrutiny. What if a line starts to leak? What if a pumping station goes down? What if a storage facility has a spill? What if there’s a failure at the marine terminal thanks to corrosion brought on by the sea and the salt air? The risk to our environment, communities, profit lines and reputation is great. All these risk factors are too great to ignore. Too great to use second-quality materials for the sake of a lower initial construction cost.

We understand what it takes to make oil and gas infrastructure that’s built to last. With a family of products, a mix of service offerings and a team of experts from coast to coast, we can help you in your infrastructure design to select the right materials to meet local requirements, local climate and local atmospheric conditions. We can even help with mining projects.

Because a more durable oil and gas industry builds more energy for communities.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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