Enhance the experience.

Parking is a key part of the customer experience. A facility with enough parking to accommodate the business, one with a smooth surface and good drainage is likely to get more business than one covered in tripping or slipping hazards from ice and axle-breaking potholes.

Durability is key to a good parking experience. Build it to last with little maintenance, right from the start. Parking lots and decks need structural strength, the ability to withstand high vehicular and pedestrian traffic, along with snow plows, de-icing salts and antifreeze, oil and other chemicals.

Parking lots need to be sustainable, too. Look for materials with recycled aggregate and reduced CO2. And for improved drainage and reduced need for expensive retention systems, ask us about pervious pavement technologies. As a bonus, concrete pavement also helps reduce both lighting requirements and urban heat island effect.

We have a team of parking lot pavement experts who can help you with preliminary designs, specification guidance and materials selection. They have access to our global R&D;, and can help assess solutions to your specific challenges.

Because better parking means more productive cities.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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