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The Basics of a Print Mail API

The concept of using the Print Mail API from a web based application is not something new. In fact, it’s been around for quite some time. What is a little different about the newer, more creative side of this concept, is that companies are now able to use the Print Mail API to send email to customers as well as manage their own digital asset collections. That means businesses can now engage in the practice of email marketing while also making sure that everything stays up to date in their database. This makes life easier for businesses and their customers. It also makes doing business on the internet easier.

Main Uses of Print and Mail API

There are two main uses for a Print Mail API: first, a business can use the Print Mail API to build a custom e-mail application. This application will be used for sending out electronic newsletters, automatic responder messages, outbound sales letters, and automated responses such as follow-ups or custom prompts. Second, a business can use the Print Mail API to interface with an existing web based application. For example, a company may want to integrate their Print Mail API with an existing invoice processing application so that each customer’s e-mail is managed separately from their transactional account. This practice lets customers control every aspect of the e-mails they receive.

So, how exactly does one use the print mail API to solve their particular problem? For starters, a business can utilize the Print Mail API to build a custom e-mail application, which is nothing more than an electronic mail application which accepts faxes as well as accepting emails. In this way, this web-based application will allow users to manage their own personal e-mail address and can send and receive emails as well as manage a list of contacts. This functionality can be especially useful for businesses that offer products and services via the internet, since this functionality will let them send and receive emails to any number of contacts at their whim.

Another scenario where a business can make use of the Print Mail API is to automate the process of printing. For example, a printing service may be able to automatically print out brochures, manuals, newsletters, flyers, etc. Automating this process will reduce unnecessary back-room personnel time, save on paper, and will also help cut down on costs. Therefore, a business can choose to utilize a Print Mail API to perform these activities.

Besides being able to automatically print mail, a Print Mail API also offers the ability to send an e-mail message to an existing fax machine, as well as to an e-mail address that is specified by the user. In addition to this capability, a Print Mail API can also perform fax search tasks, such as finding a specific fax number or sending a search request to an external database. This feature is particularly helpful for businesses that do not own or rent their own fax machine. For instance, if a business only owns one fax machine, it makes perfect sense to utilize a Print Mail API to send a fax from another location, especially if the location is close to the owner’s location.

A Print Mail API can help a business save both money and time by enabling it to send e-mails to multiple recipients and different locations with a single set of instructions. For example, a business could configure its Print Mail API to send e-mails to all customers who have an email address but no fax machine. Likewise, a Print Mail API can allow a business to specify the location where a fax message will be sent. The location can be any location within the physical range of the fax machine. This enables a business to save precious time that would otherwise be spent sending faxes to non-reachable addresses.


A Print Mail API can also perform automatic redrafting of an incoming fax, which saves a business time and money. Before, a fax machine user would have to manually re-print and sign new fax. A Print Mail API can also perform and print checksums, which reduce the chances of data loss in case of a natural disaster or hacker attack. A Print Mail API will also allow a business owner to restrict who is authorized to send and receive faxes from his or her company. Furthermore, a print server can be configured to allow an unlimited number of recipients.

A Print Mail API enables businesses to keep costs down while fulfilling their responsibilities to provide faxing services. This also allows them to offer their services to people who would not otherwise be able or willing to avail of such services. A business owner can choose whether or not to charge for a Print Mail API based on the level of information that is required and the amount of data that will be printed. The information that is sent will include the fax number, recipient’s name, address, invoice number, and the priority of the fax.

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