The most cost effective solution for brownfields.

Reduce the risk. Take back that land. Economically. Efficiently.

Solidification: encapsulate the contaminants. Stabilization: chemically alter their state. Contaminated soil is either mixed in place (in situ) or dug up and mixed nearby (ex situ), using the right recipe of cementitious materials, admixtures and water as needed. The contaminant becomes part of the matrix, part of the engineered solution.

Limit the practice of contaminants simply being relocated to a different site. Driven through our communities to become tomorrow’s problem. No passing the buck. Reduce hazardous materials dump fees. Solve the problem. Don’t relocate it. A cost-effective solution for brownfields.

We have an extensive working history with environmental engineering firms from across the country and from around the globe. Together, we address the unique needs of each project. You know the challenges of the contaminated soil. We know our products and solutions.

Together, we can create the right formulation that will work. For today, for tomorrow and beyond.

We have experience working with soil solidification/stabilization – both locally with projects like Nova Scotia’s Sydney Tar Ponds and the Port of Montreal, as well as across the globe with sites around the United States and United Kingdom, from military bases to the London Olympics. We can help you take back your land.

Because removing ‘contaminated site’ labels builds better cities.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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