Walk this way.

Livable cities include more places to get outside. Whether used for a gentle stroll after dinner, or a group of neighborhood bicyclists, or team of training runners, pedestrian pathways need to be safe, durable and always available to encourage activity and engage the community.

Sidewalks, footpaths and walkways need to last for years despite high levels of traffic – no cracks or heaves that create tripping hazards, no matter how many freeze/thaw cycles they go through, and no matter how many times the snow plow comes along.

They also need to install quickly so they come into or return to service rapidly, preventing the need for pedestrians to cross the road or take a detour into vehicular traffic to get around a sidewalk repair. They need to contribute to a community’s aesthetic appeal while also reducing urban heat island effect.

They can also actively contribute to sustainability by improving drainage. Pervious pavements allow stormwater and snow melt to pass through, and return to ground below where it belongs; replenishing the surrounding green spaces. When used for pedestrian walkways and parking lot hardscaping, they can help reduce or eliminate the need for expensive stormwater retention solutions, while also reducing ponding and flooding.

Our pavement experts are more than happy to walk you through our range of materials and pavement solutions, provide design spec and thickness design assistance and guidance on lifecycle cost analysis.

Because more walking builds healthier communities.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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